Good Friday

Good Friday Worship

Friday, April 15th, 7pm

We are looking forward to our Good Friday service. For those who haven't participated in a Tenebrae service before, it's a simple service, involving the reading of Scripture and the singing of hymns, that invite us to consider the day of the crucifixion from different angles. The word Tenebrae in Latin means "darkness," and the service involves the extinguishing of candles as we consider the darkness of Good Friday. It is one of my favorite services we get to do, and is a wonderful way to reflect on Scripture and pair Good Friday with the celebration of Resurrection Sunday.

One of my favorite parts of the service is the selection of hymns and songs. I sometimes joke that it's our service of "minor keys" as many of the songs invite us into the experience of that last day. They are songs we sing less on Sunday mornings, so some of them may be unfamiliar or less familiar to you.

One of my favorites, and one of my favorite hymns, is "Stricken, Smitten and Afflicted." An old hymn, it's really appropriate for Good Friday, but in our church, I think we have only ever sung it on Good Friday. I thought it might be helpful to include a link to the song (by one of my favorite artists, no less) to give you a chance to hear it before we sing it Friday night.